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Creation of itself was inspired by the idea, which finally became our slogan: Sharing Inspiration with the World. Understanding that inspiration is the universal and always-in-demand resource, which millions of people search for every day and every hour, we have created to become a global source of inspiration for all the web-designers, painters, photographers, architects, fashion designers, and representatives of all the other professions and hobbies, where inspiration is treated as an integral part of a creative production process. is a unique online platform with open access for everyone in love with any form of design-related activities, whether it is photography or embroidery, digital illustrations or oil painting, interior design or fashion. If you have some creative works to share with the wide audience of like-minded design professionals and amateurs – is the right place for you. We believe in the power of inspiration and hope our web site will become a reliable source of it. We also believe that any piece of creative work – from fine art masterpieces to hand-made creations of crafty people, deserves to be displayed for people’s observation. That is why was created as an open platform with easy access, which works as the virtual showroom, where everyone can display his/her own works to the wide audience. combines the idea of inspiration sharing with a popular and easy-to-use blog format, thus creating a unique showroom with dozens of creative works, added daily and even hourly by our constantly-growing community of contributors. We are driven by inspiration, and guided by love to everything about design. If you share the same values – we welcome you to our community! Show the world what you can do and explore the inexhaustible source of creative ideas, targeted communication, and sharing experience with like-minded people.