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Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

June 16th, 2016

Today we have some up the collection of Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas for your inspirations. In this article you can fine Play School, Collage logs. You can also use them but not for commercial use. For More visit …

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Cool CSS3 Text Effects

Cool CSS3 Text Effects

June 16th, 2016

Today we have gathered very creative and cool text effects that are created using CSS and CSS3. CSS have major role in web development. Websites look ugly without CSS. CSS is used for styling content in websites templates …

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Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

June 16th, 2016

Adobe Photoshop is great tool for editing, manipulating photos. We can change background of images, remove or add objects from pictures. This is the best tool for designers and photographers. So we have gathered some Beautiful Adobe …

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Choosing Best font for Your Web Design Project

Choosing the right font for a web design project is a daunting task because failing to identify the best font type for a particular project can have negative consequences. It will have a direct impact on the readability front and sometimes, it can make the design look a little bit awkward. So, to make our task easier, here we are going to share a list of fonts that look great on majority of devices and platforms –

GT Walsheim

This font was designed by Noël Leu. It is a geometric sans-serif font and free trial version of this font is also available. This font is widely used by a wide range of design blogs. It looks simple yet stunning and helps add a different dimension to the interface.


Those of you, who are very particular about readability of a website, are going to love Merriweather. This font scores high on the readability front. The good thing about Merriweather is that it is always evolving thanks to its creator – Eben Sorkin.

Fira Sans

This font is the brainchild of Erik Spiekermann who is a well known type designer. The idea behind this font is to create a font type that will go perfectly with the Mozilla Firefox browser. This font deals with the legibility issues that web designers usually have to face when they try to make a website render precisely on multiple platforms and devices.


The origin of this font will certainly make you gape in disbelief. The creator of this beautiful font – Julieta Ulanovsky once saw a beautiful street signage and she created this amazing font type inspired by the typography of that street signage. However, she made this font type available for free and the idea behind this is to create the urban typography of Montserrat.


This is a serif typeface and it was meant for the print industry but surprisingly, it is now being widely used by many web designers around the world. This font is a perfect fit for long paragraph. This font is well known for strong and sturdy construction.


This is a curvy font with italic design that will help you give a website’s boring interface much needed fillip. It comes with three different variations and well really well for funky design.

Abril Fatface

This font type is ideal to be used as headlines. This is a bold and elegant type face and it is a part of a larger font type family. If you are wondering what other font types you should be using with Abril Fatface, you don’t have to spend hours. Any Open Sans font is good to go with Fatface. Droid Sans and Lato are our favorites though.

Playfair Display

If there is not enough space available on the website interface, you should consider using Playfair Display as it boasts of extra large x-height. This font type is ideal for use as headlines.  Arvo, Lato and Oswald are some of the popular fonts that go well with Playfair.

Majestic Fonts Bundle

If you are looking for a collection of fonts that look magnificent on different platforms and devices, Majestic Fonts Bundle is the best option available for you. Full commercial license is available with this bundle.

Gravitas One

Remember the heavy font type that was used in almost all the advertisements during the industrial revolution in the UK? Gravitas One is inspired by that fat font. Some people use this font to capture the essence of the early days of industrial civilization. This font is ideal for used as heading and sub heading.


This article is contributed by Michael Evans who is managing all the managing activities of MotoCMS, a leading flash CMS provider. He occasionally contributes to WDC - a web design company