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Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

June 16th, 2016

Today we have some up the collection of Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas for your inspirations. In this article you can fine Play School, Collage logs. You can also use them but not for commercial use. For More visit …

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Cool CSS3 Text Effects

Cool CSS3 Text Effects

June 16th, 2016

Today we have gathered very creative and cool text effects that are created using CSS and CSS3. CSS have major role in web development. Websites look ugly without CSS. CSS is used for styling content in websites templates …

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Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

June 16th, 2016

Adobe Photoshop is great tool for editing, manipulating photos. We can change background of images, remove or add objects from pictures. This is the best tool for designers and photographers. So we have gathered some Beautiful Adobe …

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Web Design Innovations of 2014: Stay Ahead Of the Game

The Internet changes every minute and business websites scramble to keep up with the changes. Business leaders scuttle to make their websites unique and interesting enough to keep visitors coming back. This means regular website redesigns, color changes, navigational changes, and more to match current market and Internet trends. However, what most websites owners do not realize is that these design innovations not only revamp the website but also make it easier on customers to find what they want on any Internet-enabled platform. Here are a few of the current web design innovations of 2014 that are a

Fresh Colors

Most websites prefer to stick to the classic black-and-white design but a few websites are sticking their toes into innovative color schemes with colors like sand, beige, Paloma grey, Violet tulip, Freesia, and Radiant Orchid. Sand or beige may seem boring but websites like Shopify have managed to make a website pop with it as well. Website designers usually combine neutral colors with brighter pops of color to make a stronger statement and a more memorable design.

Video Backgrounds

Videos are engaging, and that’s the reason why Youtube is so popular. Users also prefer videos. Instead of reading through content, information is readily available in the form of a moving image. Research has also shown that users are more likely to stay longer on a website that has instructional or introduction videos. A prime example is the website hosted by ad agency Carrot. Every page of the website hosts moving graphics and videos that provide dynamism and information instantly – without the headache of excessive content.


A simple website is always easy for users to navigate but minimalism takes it a little further. Shopping websites, particularly, used to load webpages with graphics, photographs, flowing text, ads, and banners. Times have changed and cleaner pages are the norm. The flowery design is often still present but it is restricted to specific areas to prevent distracting the reader from essential functions.

Interesting Content

Content has always been king on the Internet, and it still is, but formatting and layout has changed. Designers now limit content to the bare minimum but combine it with interesting, self-explanatory graphics. Accessible and interactive content combined with solid headlines and videos is going to be the norm.

Flat Design

The term ‘flat design’ has been bandied about quite frequently since Apple started using it on its website. It actually means a simple, clear user interface that does not use any kind of shadow or textures to brighten up the page. This design relies on parallax scrolling and bold colors to create an impression. Other features of flat design include fewer buttons, classic typography, single or dual color designs, simple images, and no added effects.

One Page Website

If you have ever had to deal with an annoyingly long table of contents on a website, this should be good news. Those are outdated now, with single page websites being the norm. All relevant information is loaded on the same page and users just have to scroll down the page to get what information they want. The single-page website can also be expanded by adding lightboxes, overlays and expanding tiles.

Minimalistic Navigation

Navigation is integral to the success of any website. Customers are used to finding buttons in traditional places and stripped-down, simplistic navigation ensures that this happens. In 2014, website designers are shifting over to a minimalistic condensed design that focuses on icons, clear buttons, and navigation that shrinks as users scroll downward.

Big and Unique Fonts

Almost every website now uses unique fonts in big text sizes to catch the attention of browsers. Big bold text in interesting colors is placed on the home page and this is usually combined with a video. One of the biggest trends at present is using one-liners on the home page. The one-liner encapsulates the entire business and ensures that users know at once what the website offers. Unique personalized fonts are also getting popular but this does create a problem for users who do not have compatible systems.

Prominent Social Navigation

No one can underestimate just how important social media is for a company. As a result, now every website uses social media icons and lists them at the top of the page. According to JustCreative, users spend more than 27 percent of their time online searching through social media websites. As a result, having a prominent social footprint is necessary to generate traffic and boost business.

No matter which trends come out and flash about on websites, the result should be a simple, easy-to-use, interesting website. Customers should have a highly satisfying user experience and this should lead to better business. If this happens, then the website design has proved useful and effective.

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