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Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

June 16th, 2016

Today we have some up the collection of Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas for your inspirations. In this article you can fine Play School, Collage logs. You can also use them but not for commercial use. For More visit …

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Cool CSS3 Text Effects

Cool CSS3 Text Effects

June 16th, 2016

Today we have gathered very creative and cool text effects that are created using CSS and CSS3. CSS have major role in web development. Websites look ugly without CSS. CSS is used for styling content in websites templates …

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Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

June 16th, 2016

Adobe Photoshop is great tool for editing, manipulating photos. We can change background of images, remove or add objects from pictures. This is the best tool for designers and photographers. So we have gathered some Beautiful Adobe …

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Tips to Increase Twitter Followers

Since you are not a Barack Obama or a Justin Timberlake, chances are quite high that most of your tweets are going to get ignored. Tweeting in a vacuum is definitely not a good idea.

To make twitter work as a marketing tool for your small business, you have to encourage people to follow your official twitter account. But making people following a brand is easier said than done. Nobody wants to see their Twitter feed getting bombarded with promotional posts from companies. It distracts them, and drives them insane in some cases and eventually, they unfollow those accounts.

But since more twitter followers automatically translate to more exposure and more business, businesses are left with no other option but to bite the bullet and try their level best to increase the number of twitter followers. However, contrary to what other people believe increasing the number of twitter followers is that not complicated. All you have to do is to follow some tips that we are going to discuss in this article –

Tweet All Day

People are now connected to their social media accounts 24×7 thanks to Smartphone devices and therefore it is far easier to send your message across by posting relevant, funny and interesting tweets. Reports show that people who tweet frequently tend to get more followers. However, we should not be tweeting with an aim in mind to get new followers rather businesses need to realize the truth that if they have nothing to say, people are not going to follow them.

But posting uninteresting, insipid and promotional tweets is certainly not going to help you attract more followers rather it is just the opposite. It will make people ignore you and may compel some of your followers to unfollow you.

Tweet When People are Online

Logically, it does not make much sense to post updates on your twitter account on midnight because majority of people are going to miss out on them. To ensure the fact that your tweets get some traction and are seen and retweeted by others, you need to update your twitter accounts on prime time. Generally, it is believed that early morning and late night are not the best time to update your Twitter account because not many people will be online then.

This infographic gives you an overall idea of the activity level of people on major social media sites throughout the day.

Participate in Twitter Chat

Unless a brand is actively involved in different social media platforms, how it can expect to get more people follow him. Brands need to be visible on the social circles and should not waste any opportunity to get involved.

Marketers need to find the Twitter Chats that are related to their niches whenever possible and get involved without making the conversation look like another blatant promotional attempt. You need to have an opinion and should be engaged in those conversations in a friendly way. No need to impose your views on others rather you need remain to open all views and try to communicate your ideas and views properly.

Find the Influential People in Your Niche

Locating the influential people in your niche is the most important thing to do. Twitter has a nice little search function that not many people are aware of. Enter the keywords that are related to your business and then it will present you a list of Twitter profiles that are posting updates on those topics. Follow those profiles that seem to have large number of followers and keep a hawk eye on their updates. By spying on their updates, you will be able to figure out which tweets are gaining traction and which tweets are being largely ignored.

If Lady Luck favors you, some of their followers may start following you and probably there will be a domino effect to it.

Pay for it

Sometimes, you have to fork out some money to increase the number of twitter followers. However, before you buy Twitter followers from a website, you need to check its credibility and have to make sure that the followers are genuine.

Just Don’t Stop at Tweeting

It is seen that when someone tweet with images, people do take note of that. Your tweets should be accompanied by some images whenever possible because visual content tends to grab more eyeballs. More exposure in most cases automatically translates to more followers. Now the good news is that Twitter now shows preview of images and thus gives us more opportunity to grab attention.

Post Something interesting

Tweeting boring things will definitely not help you gain more followers. You need to come up with interesting, quirky, funny and interesting updates that people will love and appreciate. In short, you need to accept the fact that there is short cut to success and therefore, you have to try your level best to inform and entertain your audience via your tweets.

Try these tips and you will definitely see marked difference in the number of followers in your twitter accounts.


This article is contributed by Michael Evans who is managing all the managing activities of MotoCMS, a leading flash CMS provider. He occasionally contributes to WDC - a web design company