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Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

June 16th, 2016

Today we have some up the collection of Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas for your inspirations. In this article you can fine Play School, Collage logs. You can also use them but not for commercial use. For More visit …

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Cool CSS3 Text Effects

Cool CSS3 Text Effects

June 16th, 2016

Today we have gathered very creative and cool text effects that are created using CSS and CSS3. CSS have major role in web development. Websites look ugly without CSS. CSS is used for styling content in websites templates …

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Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

June 16th, 2016

Adobe Photoshop is great tool for editing, manipulating photos. We can change background of images, remove or add objects from pictures. This is the best tool for designers and photographers. So we have gathered some Beautiful Adobe …

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Attract Visitors to Your Website with Design Tweaks

Okay, accept the obvious that your website is in a complete mess and it needs urgent intervention in order to stop the exodus of visitors. As we all know, you have had a tough time driving those large numbers of visitors to your website but because of silly designing mistakes, they are bouncing back in no time and making you feel completely shell-shocked.

It bleeds you dry!  However, with these easy to follow tips, you can make dramatic changes in this scenario and can make these visitors stay there, spend more time more on your website and probably encourage them to click on the Call to Action button.

So, here it goes –

Think About The Intro Page

The practice of using an Intro page while welcoming visitors to your website is much debated. First of all, if the intro page is developed in Flash, possibility is quite high that it will take long time to get loaded and this is quite enough to frustrate visitors and make them leave your website.

You may argue that Intro Page allows you to introduce your company and services to a targeted audience, but it does more harm than good. There is a possibility that people may hate the animation and move on. Moreover, if the visitors are browsing your website on mobile or any other iDevices, the intro page will spell a complete disaster. For your information, most of the mobile devices, in fact all of them, do not offer any kind of support for Flash. So, you should better bury the idea of having an intro page for your website.

Patchy Navigation

Once a visitor lands on your website, the website should not greet him/her with patchy or broken navigation system. The navigation system is the heart of the website and therefore, you need to make sure that it is working perfectly otherwise people will face immense difficulty exploring it.

Poor navigation irritates the visitors. The purpose of navigation should be to facilitate visitors to perform desired actions like buying a product, filling out a form, sending you a mail or whatever. However, the concept of navigation should not be limited to this; rather as a designer, you have to make sure that the architecture, categories and the appearance are in synch. If you can make it happen, it will ensure a holistic browsing experience.

Home Page Content

For God’s sake, do not make the Home page content suck. It should not be too long as it will run the risk of being boring and at the same time, you should not make it too short. You need to strike a perfect balance here and this can easily be done by putting vital information on the Home page and then adding – ‘more info’ link to explain those things in details on internal pages.

Do Not make The page Too Long

The popularity of Single Page website design is showing no sign of slowing down but this does not necessarily mean that you have the freedom to increase the length of pages to infinity. You have to apply self restrain even when you are designing a Single Page website because if you make it too long, it will slow down your website.

Do Not Make it Crammed

I have seen countless number of web pages crammed with unwanted designing elements and texts. Just remember one thing, when you are adding too many designing elements, you are just overshadowing the importance of crucial elements that actually contribute to conversion. So, if you keep on adding things on the interface, you are certainly on a suicidal mission. So, whenever you feel the urge to add more designing elements, you need to get back to the original plan and reevaluate your strategy. Eliminate all those designing elements that seem excess and then only you can save the design.

What is the USP

You need to interact with your client to get a clear idea of the USP of the design. The design simply cannot put the focus on all the elements placed there. Once you know the USP of the design, you can build the design around it and not the other way around.

Focus on Readability

Visitors should not face any trouble reading content of your website. So, you should not use fancy texts, glossy images etc. Make sure that the contrast between the texts and the background is good enough to ensure a pleasant reading experience.

Color Scheme

Without having a proper understanding of different color schemes and their socioeconomic and psychological implications, you cannot make your website stand out. For say, if your targeted audience is teenage girls, you need to rely on Pink color heavily. Similarly, if you are designing for financial institutions, Green is the color you should be banking on.

Loading Time

Loading time, as we have discussed time and again is the most decisive factor to ensure that the visitor stays on your website. If your website takes ages to get loaded, visitors are certainly not going to stick around for long. So, you have to make sure that your website can load fast, really fast, otherwise people will be bouncing back forever, and there would not be much you can do about it. Loading time of a website is invariably associated with the service of the web hosting. So, find a hosting company that offers reliable website hosting solutions and your problem will cease to an end.

These are some of the major design considerations that you need to follow devoutly if you are to make your visitors spend more time on your website.


This article is contributed by Michael Evans who is managing all the managing activities of MotoCMS, a leading flash CMS provider. He occasionally contributes to WDC - a web design company