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“X-Ray Snake” – A Large New Mural by Street Artist ROA in San Juan // Puerto Rico

September 4th, 2015

After several pieces in Vieques, ROA is now in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he spent the last month for his artist residency with JustKids. The Belgian street artist spent a few days working on this brand new mural on the …

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Greek Fonts Patterns_Alpha1_Yianart

Greek Fonts Patterns_Alphabet

September 4th, 2015

Greek Fonts Patterns_Alphabet More Work Here: Greek Fonts Patterns_Alphabet  

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Power Ranger Classic Makeover

September 3rd, 2015

Power Ranger Classic Makeover paintings by Hillary White. More Power Ranger Classic Makeover Paintings here.

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Amazing Detailed Animal Doodles Created by Artist Faye Halliday

September 3rd, 2015

Based in the West Midlands, Faye Halliday has always expressed a passion for art. At the age of thirteen, after drawing her first portrait, an interest in capturing portraits, in particular, evolved. Now years later, after …

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9 rue Charlot, in the district of les Marais, the heart of Paris. A metallic sculpture, smooth, shaped like an adamantine meteorite, guards over the entrance of Passage du Retz, a temporary exposition space wanted by Jacqueline Frydman. The work of Israeli artist and designer Arik Levy welcomes us into the courtyard with a vaguely Kubrick-esque air, like an alien monolith that for some mysterious reason guards the history of the place and its transformations.

The inscription on the arch of the entrance reads “Hotel de Retz 1613″. Before hosting an exposition space and different creative agencies, it was a building that existed through 400 years of history and Parisian production. A private residence of nobility in the 17th and 18th centuries, then the laboratory-home of sculptor and furniture maker Jean-Francoise Deninger, Hotel de Retz was also a toy factory run by engineer I. B. Frydman.

Lancia TrendVisions website // Passage de Retz