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Nintendo Gameboy 1UP

November 22nd, 2015

Design concept of new a Game Boy by Florian Renner. More infomartion on

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More than 200 german top photographers in a 4,5 kg book

More than 200 german top photographers in a 4,5 kg book

November 20th, 2015

  Fresh-off-the-press: The new issue of »BLICKFANG – Deutschlands beste Fotografen« for 2015/2016 is available now. This time the high quality coffee-table-book presents again on 656 pages the status quo of professional …

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November 18th, 2015 to bezpłatny serwis, który umożliwia planowanie i rejestrowanie treningów, diety oraz suplementacji. Prócz 40 ekranów serwisu zaprojektowałam logo, księge znaku oraz przygotowałam …

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Astarte Suites Hotel in Santorini island, Greece | New Rooms with private pools

Astarte Suites Hotel in Santorini island, Greece | New Rooms with private pools

November 6th, 2015

Built in June 2015, these 2 new suites were added to the Astarte Suites hotel complex. Each suite has king-size bedroom with marble bed tables and hand tiled floor, spacious sitting area, bathroom with shower, private heated …

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“I’m not digital” & “re – Digital” exhibitions by Diploo Studio!

October 30th, 2015

“The exhibition Re-Digital is connected to the long-term project I´m not digital. The main idea of the project is to work with the connection and effect of different layers of reality. On one hand the material world …

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Using Yellow Pages Advertising Wisely For Your Photography Business @MediaNovak

During many decades of the 20th century, few conveniences were as ubiquitous as the telephone. Virtually every home and business, and street corner, had a landline, and once a year the complementary and equally ubiquitous phone directories were delivered to everyone. Businesses, large and small, considered a Yellow Pages ad as an absolutely essential element of their advertising programs. The phone company had a monopoly on this business directory and all the research and statistics showed that it was the first place consumers and other businesses searched when they needed products and services.

If you’re operating a photography business and/or studio, especially a portrait or wedding business, or any type of photography being marketed to consumers, then you probably are like most small, local business owners who think that a Yellow Pages ad is a requirement. It’s certainly one of many components of your advertising program; however, you must take a more measured approach to the use of the Yellow Pages, so you don’t overspend for an advertising medium that doesn’t deliver as it once did.

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