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Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas

June 16th, 2016

Today we have some up the collection of Creative Education Logo Designs Ideas for your inspirations. In this article you can fine Play School, Collage logs. You can also use them but not for commercial use. For More visit …

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Cool CSS3 Text Effects

Cool CSS3 Text Effects

June 16th, 2016

Today we have gathered very creative and cool text effects that are created using CSS and CSS3. CSS have major role in web development. Websites look ugly without CSS. CSS is used for styling content in websites templates …

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Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Beautiful Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

June 16th, 2016

Adobe Photoshop is great tool for editing, manipulating photos. We can change background of images, remove or add objects from pictures. This is the best tool for designers and photographers. So we have gathered some Beautiful Adobe …

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“The game of couples” new work by IABO

The cycle S/Orridi resumes the characteristic Leit Motiv of IABO,
it consists of 26 works acrylic on canvas, 200x200cm size. The
work is divided into 13 diptychs and IABO, keeping on his iconographic
and clear style, introduces a new feature: in addition
to his typical male profile, the woman’s face appears.
The artist has drawn from literature, politics, cinema and television choosing
important historical figures, like Jesus Christ and Obama, and has
consciously destroyed their stereotypes and their canonical habitats.
IABO gives us a perspective in which curious, grotesque and paradoxical
pairs, the result of ironic indiscipline, uproot culturally unquestioned
conventions holding the viewer in a world at once actual
and deformed, cheeky and sincere, straightforward and eccentric.
This intentional oxymoron is the genesis of the title S/orridi. “Sorridi”
(in english “Smile”) and “Sono Orridi” (they are horrible), a paronomasia
that suggest the way to understand the artist’s intent: the diptychs
tell secrets; this visual revelations are able to draw a smile, at first view,
but also to shock who is listening, with more attention, their voice.
Communicative dimension in which the message is an incentive
to get rid of those categories imposed by the imagination,
the cycle S/Orridi rebels to illusion of contemporary media clutter,
trying to shake the viewer with incisive and powerful symbols.

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