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Nintendo Gameboy 1UP

November 22nd, 2015

Design concept of new a Game Boy by Florian Renner. More infomartion on

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More than 200 german top photographers in a 4,5 kg book

More than 200 german top photographers in a 4,5 kg book

November 20th, 2015

  Fresh-off-the-press: The new issue of »BLICKFANG – Deutschlands beste Fotografen« for 2015/2016 is available now. This time the high quality coffee-table-book presents again on 656 pages the status quo of professional …

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November 18th, 2015 to bezpłatny serwis, który umożliwia planowanie i rejestrowanie treningów, diety oraz suplementacji. Prócz 40 ekranów serwisu zaprojektowałam logo, księge znaku oraz przygotowałam …

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Astarte Suites Hotel in Santorini island, Greece | New Rooms with private pools

Astarte Suites Hotel in Santorini island, Greece | New Rooms with private pools

November 6th, 2015

Built in June 2015, these 2 new suites were added to the Astarte Suites hotel complex. Each suite has king-size bedroom with marble bed tables and hand tiled floor, spacious sitting area, bathroom with shower, private heated …

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“I’m not digital” & “re – Digital” exhibitions by Diploo Studio!

October 30th, 2015

“The exhibition Re-Digital is connected to the long-term project I´m not digital. The main idea of the project is to work with the connection and effect of different layers of reality. On one hand the material world …

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Caricatures by Ed van der Linden

I am a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and photographer in the Netherlands. I mainly work in advertising. I also do event caricatures for weddings, anniversaries, gifts and private commissions . Most of my work is digitally drawn, but if there is time i like to draw traditionally in graphite pencil, pastel and charcoal or paint in oil or watercolor.

For a caricature i try to get my hands on as much pictures of the subject as i can. In the case of a celebrity that isn’t a problem of course, but with private commissions or caricatures of co-workers’ anniversaries it’s often hard to get decent reference. I then study the subject and try to find the features that are most ‘off-standard’ and exaggerate those features. The challenge is to determine what to exaggerate and what feature is to be left alone. You can’t exaggerate every feature because the chance of loosing likeness is very likely. I then set up a few lines as a reference for placement of the eyes, nose, mouth and face shape. I don’t sketch very detailed because i found that i change a lot while ‘painting’, (that is the big advantage of drawing digitally) so a detailed sketch is a waste of time. Then i go on ‘painting’ the entire face until a stage is reached where i think it’s finished. If there is time i let it rest for a while (preferably a couple of days) and check if any improvement can be made.

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