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A New Comic-inspired Mural by Street Artist Deih for UpNorth-Festival in Sulitjelma // Norway

September 1st, 2015

Along with Borondo and several other artists, Deih was also part of this year’s lineup for the UpNorth Festival which took place on the streets of Sulitjelma, a small town located in Northern Norway. The Spanish street …

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Obama, Merkel & Putin Starring As Leading Actors In Famous Movies by Italian Artist Luigi Tarini

September 1st, 2015

Italian artist Luigi Tarini, who is currently based in Kraków, Poland, likes to hone his Photoshop skills when not busy with his corporate job. One of his works involves famous leaders from around the globe, including Barack …

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The World’s Largest Outdoor Mural Created by Street Artists Ella & Pitr in Klepp // Norway

September 1st, 2015

Nuart Festival, Block Berge Bygg and the artists Ella & Pitr have completed the world’s largest outdoor mural in Klepp, Norway in just four days! The mural is the first project to mark the 15th Anniversary of Stavanger’s …

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“Invisible New Yorkers” – A New Mural by German Street Artists “The Weird Crew” in Brooklyn // NYC

September 1st, 2015

Things are looking weird in Brooklyn at the moment thanks to Cone, Dxtr, Hrvb, Look, and Vidam. The Berlin based crew are in town for their show at Exit Room that opened last night and as soon as they hit the streets they …

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Miniature Food Art Created on Spoons by Romanian Artist Ioana Vanc

September 1st, 2015

Ioana Vanc is an architect based in Romania. In her free time, she creates beautiful food art on the curved surfaces of spoons. Using everyday food items like fruit peels, bread and vegetables, Ioana forms detailed illustrations …

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Pictures of Baby Animals with Mothers (National Geographic)

Here’s goes another post with pictures of baby animals. This time you will see these baby animals with their mothers. Mother feelings are same in every part of the world so do in the wild life. They struggle hard and protect their babiesfrom every danger in routine life.

The life of these baby animals are way harder than we think. Aside from this, lets have a quick look of those moments when mothers of these babies are playing, enjoying or spending time with them.

Pictures of Baby Animals with Mothers

Zambezi Elephants, Africa

Cheetah Mom and Cub, Botswana

King Penguin and Chick, South Georgia Island

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